Destination Slum Conference

The conference Destination Slum! 2 was held at the University of Potsdam, 14-16 May 2014. Over 60 participants from more than 15 nationalities gathered from all over the world to discuss developments within slum tourism. The conference was organised within the QUAL POT project, led by Dr Fabian Frenzel. More information on the conference webpage.

Destination Slum Conference Potsdam 2014

Protest Workshop

An evening seminar with Barraco 55 in Berlin in September 2013 to discuss the social unrest in Brazil. Barraco 55 are partner in the qualpot project.

Protests in Brazil

Guest Lecture Johannesburg University

Dr Fabian Frenzel was invited to present research findings on slum tourism in a guest lecture at the university of Johannesburg, where he is senior research fellow.


Handstorm Workshop

In March 2014 a workshop took place in Shivaji Nagar, a neighborhood in Mumbai with the participation of QualPot researcher Fabian Frenzel, organised by URBZ. Prior to the workshop Frenzel had published his impressions of Dharavi tourism and shame on the URBZ blog.


Cafe Geographique Workshops

Held by the institute of geographie and the scientist in charge a series of presentations focused on slum tourism in different locations, including Nairobi in Kenya, Rio de Janeiro and Ghana in 2012, 2013 and 2014.



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